Kentico CMS 7.0 E-commerce Guide

Volume discounts

Volume discounts

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Volume discounts

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Volume discounts are applied when your customers purchase specified amounts of selected products.


When creating a new order or editing an existing one (on the Items tab), the order price is automatically reduced by the discount amount if a sufficient number of applicable product items (the volume) has been entered.




Managing volume discounts


Volume discounts can be managed when editing a selected product on the Volume discounts tab. In this section of the administration interface, you can see a list of all defined volume discounts for the current product. You can add a new volume discount by clicking the AddNewVolumeDiscount New volume discount button above the list. Properties of already defined volume discounts can be edited by clicking the Edit (Edit) icon in the Actions column. You can also delete a volume discount by clicking the Delete (Delete) icon.




When creating a new volume discount or editing an existing one, you can specify the following properties:


Minimum amount - sets the minimum amount of ordered items to which the current volume discount applies.

Discount value - here you can specify a discount for the given volume (as set in the Minimum amount property). You can choose to apply either a relative or absolute discount using the respective radio buttons.