Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Related scheduled tasks

Related scheduled tasks

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Related scheduled tasks

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The following two scheduled tasks are related to the Smart search module:


Scheduled task name


Optimize search indexes

Allows you to set up automatic optimization of search indexes. Optimization defragments indexes, which can help maintain their performance (only significant in the case of very large indexes).


This task is disabled by default.

Execute search tasks

Runs all existing search indexing tasks. Performed every 4 hours by default.


Note: By default, the smart search automatically creates and executes indexing tasks whenever the indexed content changes. If you wish to run search indexing only through this scheduled task, disable automatic indexing task execution via the CMSProcessSearchTasksByScheduler web.config key. See Enabling Smart search indexing.




Refer to the Development -> Scheduler chapter for general information about scheduled tasks.