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Documentation tab

Documentation tab

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Documentation tab

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Here you can add documentation and descriptions using the WYSIWYG toolbar to help users properly understand the functionality of your custom widgets. This documentation will be displayed when clicking the information icon in the top right corner of the configuration dialog of the given widget.


The two links at the top may be used to display a preview of the widget's current documentation:


ViewDocumentation View documentation - shows the documentation across two tabs in the same format as in the help section of the widget.

GenerateDocumentation Generate documentation - generates the widget's documentation on a single page in printable form.


If you wish to document particular properties, you need to fill in the Field description on the Properties tab.


For complete documentation of all widgets, please see the Widgets reference guide.


To generate full widget documentation in a printable format, enter <website URL>/CMSPages/Dialogs/documentation.aspx?allwidgets=true into your browser. It is recommended to use FireFox for correct formatting and page breaking.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Development -> Widgets -> Overview

Developer's Guide -> Development -> Widgets -> Developing widgets