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This report displays the number of unique visits on the website that occurred over the specified time period. A single visit includes any number of page views or other actions performed by a specific user during one session. Also displayed is the ratio between the number of new and returning visitors. A visitor is considered as returning after being inactive for the amount of minutes specified in the Site Manager -> On‑line marketing -> Web analytics -> Visitor idle time (minutes) setting. Visitors are recognized according to the presence of a browser cookie.


Visitors may additionally be tracked according to their IP address. To enable this functionality, enter a value greater than 0 into the Remember visitors by IP (minutes) setting. This ensures that visitors will be remembered for the specified number of minutes even if their browser does not save cookies.


Please see the Overview topic for information about the actions available for all reports.


Additional related information about the Web analytics module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics.