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On this tab, you can define which parts of the CMS Desk user interface should be displayed to individual roles by configuring their UI personalization settings.


First you need to choose which website's roles you want to configure using the Site drop‑down list. The (global) option can be selected to set UI personalization for global roles, i.e. those that are not limited to a single site. Then select the specific Role.


Finally, choose which Module you wish to configure. This will display the elements that the corresponding section of the UI is composed of in the tree below. For example, selecting the CMS Desk module will allow you to determine which of the main CMS Desk tabs should be visible, the Tools module affects the options available in the CMS Desk -> Tools menu etc.


Each user's UI profile is defined by the UI personalization settings of their assigned roles. If a user needs to see a UI element, at least one role to which the user is assigned must have the UI element set as visible.


If you enable a check-box, the UI element will be visible for members of the selected role.

If you disable a check-box, members of the role will not see the UI element (unless they are members of some other role which has it allowed).


For additional information, please refer to the Developer's Guide -> Development -> Membership, permissions and security -> UI personalization chapter.