Kentico CMS 7.0 Context Help

General tab

General tab

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General tab

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Here you can edit the current score. Fill in the fields as required and click Save Save.


You can also manually recalculate the score according to your rules (if defined) by clicking the RebuildIndex Recalculate link.


Display name

The name of the score used in Kentico CMS user interface.

Code name

The name of the score used in the code.


The description of the score.


Indicates whether the score is enabled.

Send notification at score

When the score of a contact reaches a given value, a notification is sent to the defined e-mail address.

Notification e-mail address

Allows to define an e-mail address to which score notifications will be sent. Please note that the sender e-mail address is defined in Site Manager -> Settings -> System in the E-mails -> Send e-mail notifications from setting.

Schedule recalculation

If enabled, the current score will automatically be recalculated in accordance with the defined rules.


You can set up the recalculation interval through the following settings:


Period - sets the time period used for the scheduling (Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Once).

Start time - sets the exact time when the recalculation will start.

Every - defines the recalculation frequency based on the Period selection.

Days - may be used to limit on which days the recalculation should occur.


The Score info box gives you information about the current score status and last recalculation time.


Localization expressions, i.e. Localize other languages (LocalizeLanguages), Remove localization (Delete) and Localize (AddNewUICulture), are described in detail in the Localization expressions topic in the Development -> UI cultures and localization section of the Developer's Guide.