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New/Edit value

New/Edit value

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New/Edit value

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This form is used for defining report values. You can switch to the Preview tab at any time to see the output of the value. You can find descriptions of particular value properties in the following table:




Display name

The name of the value shown in the user interface.

Code name

Name used in your code.

Enable subscription

If enabled, users will be able to subscribe to the currently edited report value. To allow subscriptions, it is also necessary to have the Enable subscription box checked on the General tab of the given report.





Here you can add the SQL query used to retrieve data to be displayed by the value.


For security reasons, the Edit SQL queries permission for the Reporting module is necessary to edit this property.

Is stored procedure

Indicates if the query is a stored procedure or not.

Connection string

Sets the database connection string used by the value's query.


Only users who have the Set connection string permission for the Reporting module are allowed to change this value.


The system loads the list of connection strings from the <connectionStrings> section of the application's web.config file. The (default) option represents the CMSConnectionString added by the application's initial database installer.


You can check the Inherit box to load the Connection string value set for the parent report.




Formatting string

You can format the displayed value using standard .NET expressions. For example:


{0} - displays the retrieved value.

{0:F1} - displays the value as a floating point number with one digit displayed after the decimal point.



Additional resources:


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