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This tab displays an overview of all content personalization variants that are defined for objects on the current document (page). This includes variants of web part zones, web parts and editor widgets.


The listed variants may be edited (Edit) or deleted (Delete) using the appropriate actions. Any changes made here will be reflected by the content on the actual page. After clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, a context menu is displayed, offering options for export of listed data to various types of files.


If you wish to create new variants, switch to the Design tab, open the context menu of the appropriate object by right clicking its header and select Personalization variants -> Add variant. You can do the same for objects that already have at least one variant defined through the button next to the content personalization slider. To add variants for editor widgets, go to the Page tab instead and click the WidgetAddVariant Add content personalization variant button in the pop up menu of the selected widget.


Additional information can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Content personalization.