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The Notifications module enables sending of notification messages using notification providers. Kentico CMS comes with a built-in e-mail notification gateway. However, you can create your custom gateways, such as an SMS or ICQ provider.


Please note that for one event, users can obtain notification messages from multiple providers. There are three built-in events (document created, document updated, document deleted) and only the first is enabled by default. However, you can create and use your custom ones.


To learn how to create notification message templates, please refer to the Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Notifications -> Creating a notification message template topic.

To learn how to allow site visitors or CMS Desk administrators to subscribe to receiving notifications, please refer to the Subscribing users to content changes notifications topic in the same chapter of this guide.

To learn how to manage users' notifications and choose providers from which the users will receive their notification messages, please refer to the Managing users' notifications topic.

To learn how to create your own notification gateway, please refer to the Custom notification gateway subchapter.

Module settings are described in the Settings topic.

Module security is described in the Security topic.

The internals and API of the Notifications module are described in the Notifications internals and API subchapter.