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New/Edit order status

New/Edit order status

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New/Edit order status

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The following properties are available when creating or editing an order status object:


Display name

The name of the order status displayed to users on the live site and in the administration interface.

Code name

The name of the order status used by developers in the code. Unless there is a reason to set a particular value, you can leave the default (automatic) option, and the system will generate an appropriate code name.

Order status color

Here you can set the color which will be used to highlight orders having the given status, e.g. when viewing orders in CMSDesk -> E-commerce -> Orders. Alternatively, you can set the color using the color picker by clicking the ColorPicker icon.

Send notification

Indicates if an e-mail notification should be sent to the customer and to an e-mail address specified in the Send e-commerce emails to setting in CMS Desk -> E-commerce -> Store settings on the E-mails tab (or in Site Manager in the respective sections) if an order receives the current status. Typically, this e-mail address is the merchant's.


Indicates if the order status object can be used in your on-line store. For example, if checked, the respective order status can be selected from the Status drop-down list when editing an order on the General tab.

Mark order as paid

Indicates if the system should automatically mark the order as paid when it receives the current status.


Localization expressions, i.e. Localize other languages (LocalizeLanguages), Remove localization (Delete) and Localize (AddNewUICulture), are described in detail in the Localization expressions topic in the Development -> UI cultures and localization section of the Developer's Guide.


More resources concerning orders can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Orders.

Further information about order statuses can be found in the Order statuses topic in the same section of the E-commerce Guide.