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Macro rule list

Macro rule list

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Macro rule list

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This page contains a list of available macro rules. These rules are user‑friendly representations of macro expressions that may be used to build conditions in the Rule designer mode of the macro condition editor.


New macro rules may be created by using the AddMacroExpression New macro rule button. You can manage the items in the list using the appropriate icon on the left side — Edit (Edit), Delete (Delete) and the options available in the drop-down menu opened through the OtherActions Other actions button. By clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, you can export the listed data to various types of files.


There are several categories of macro rules, which can be managed in different sections of the administration interface. The rules from each category are offered when designing the corresponding types of conditions, as described in the following table:


Rule category



Global rules may be used for all conditions in any part of the system.


They can be defined in Site Manager -> Development -> Macro rules.


Offered when adding conditions to Workflow scopes or advanced workflow steps.


Workflow rules may be managed in Site Manager -> Development -> Workflows -> Macro rules.

On-line marketing

On-line marketing rules can be selected when building conditions for the following items:


Content personalization variants

Dynamic contact groups



They may be defined in CMS Desk -> On-line marketing -> Configuration -> Macro rules.


These rules are available when specifying conditions for Report subscriptions.


To add reporting macro rules, go to CMS Desk -> Tools -> Reporting, select any report category in the tree and choose the Macro rules tab.


The displayed rules can be filtered according to their name or the content of their condition. When viewing the macro rules from a specialized (non‑global) category, you may use the Rule category filter to choose whether the list should only display rules from the current category or if it should also include all global rules.


To learn more about macro rules and conditions, please see Developer's Guide -> Development -> Macro expressions -> Macro conditions.