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Content tab

Content tab

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Content tab

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This tab allows you to edit the content and settings of the selected newsletter issue.





Please note


It is not possible to modify issues that have already been sent out to subscribers if the Enable resending property of the newsletter is disabled on the Configuration tab.


The field at the top specifies the Subject of the issue e-mails. A value must always be entered before changes can be saved. By clicking Show advanced options next to the subject field, you can also configure following settings for the issue:


Sender name

Name of the sender displayed in the issue's e-mails. By default, the value entered into the Sender name property on the newsletter's Configuration tab is used.

Sender e-mail address

Sets the address that is used in the From field of the issue's e-mails.


If bounced e-mail monitoring is enabled for the site, the Bounced e-mail address is used for this purpose instead. However, the sender e-mail address still works as the Reply to value (if a subscriber decides to reply to a newsletter e-mail).


The default value is taken from the Sender e-mail property set for the newsletter on its Configuration tab.


Allows you to select which template should be used for the issue's content. Existing content entered for the issue will not be carried over to the new template unless it contains editable regions with the same names as those on the original template.

Show issue in archive

Indicates if it should be possible to display the issue and its content on the live site using the Newsletter archive web part. Please note that the web part may be configured to ignore this flag.


The main area below the WYSIWYG editor is used to define the body of the issue. It is based on the selected issue template, which determines both the fixed content and the position and size of editable regions. You can customize the newsletter issue through these editable regions by adding text, images and other types of content.


By clicking the Insert macro (ckeInsertMacro) button on the editor toolbar, you can add macro expressions into the issue's content. The Context specific objects section of the displayed dialog includes the following newsletter-specific macro options:


Email - resolves into the e-mail address of the issue's recipient.

FirstName - resolves into the first name of the recipient.

LastName - resolves into the last name of the recipient.

UnsubscribeLink - resolves into a link to the unsubscription page, as defined by the Unsubscription page URL property of the given newsletter.


All other types of standard Kentico CMS macros are also supported.


The following actions in the tab's header may be used to manage the issue:


Save Save - click this button to confirm any changes made to the content or settings of the issue.

Send Send draft - allows you to send a test draft of the newsletter issue to any e-mail address.

PreviewNewsletterIssue Preview - opens a dialog window where you can view how the issue will appear to specific subscribers.

Attachments Attachments - allows you to attach files to the issue, such as images, an event agenda, white papers, etc. The attachments will be included in the issue e‑mails when they are sent out. Please note that other attachments may already be included in the newsletter template on which the issue is based.

AddTemplateScope Create A/B test - may be used to prepare an A/B test for the issue. This allows you to create several different versions of the issue, evaluate them on a test group of subscribers and then send out the most successful one. Clicking this button adds the first testing variant of the issue. A/B testing is only available if the Track opened e-mails and Track clicked links settings are enabled for the newsletter on the Configuration tab.


If you wish to increase the size of the workspace, you can click the FullSreenUI Full screen button to collapse all navigation menus.


Editing A/B testing variants


If the issue has at least one A/B testing variant defined, a slider will be displayed at the top of the Content tab. You can use it to switch between individual variants, including the original issue. The name of the currently selected variant is shown next to the slider. You may also manage the A/B test variants using the following buttons:


NewsletterAddABVariant Add variant - creates another variant of the issue.

NewsletterDeleteABVariant Remove variant - deletes the variant currently selected through the slider.

NewsletterEditABVariant Edit properties - allows you to change the name of the currently selected variant. If required, you may also rename the original issue.


The settings and content of the currently selected variant can be modified just like when editing any other standard issue (as described above). Each variant may have a different subject, issue template, editable region content etc.


Once any of the A/B test variants are sent out, the testing phase begins and the slider actions will be disabled. As a result, it will no longer be possible to add, remove or rename variants. However, you can still modify the content and settings of variants that have not yet been mailed.


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