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Database selection

Database selection

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Database selection

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In this step, you can decide if you wish to Create a new database for the contact management DB objects and data or import them into an existing database on the server specified in the previous step. In both cases, you need to enter the name of the database into the appropriate field. When using an existing database, it is necessary to ensure that it does not contain any of the tables that are included in the separation.


Before continuing, it is necessary to prevent all Scheduled tasks in the system from running, because the database will be unavailable during the separation process. You can confirm that you wish to stop all tasks by clicking the Disable tasks button (in case there are any enabled). If a task is currently being executed when the button is clicked, the disabling action waits until it is finished. The tasks will automatically be enabled again when the separation is completed.


Once the target database is specified and the scheduled tasks are disabled, click Next to begin the separation. Please note that all websites are temporarily brought offline while the separation is being performed. Any regular visitors who arrive at this time will see a message informing that the site is down due to maintenance. For global administrators, the current state of the separation wizard is shown.


More resources can be found in On-line marketing guide -> Contact management -> Database separation.