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The Reporting permissions affect the administration interface in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Reporting. You can assign the following permissions to user roles:



Allows users to view existing reports.

Save reports

Allows users to save reports into the report archive.


Allows users to create, modify and delete reports. This also grants permission to subscribe to reports.


Allows users to delete the version history of reporting objects.

Edit SQL queries

Allows editing of the queries used to retrieve data for reporting components (graphs, tables and values). This permission is needed to create new reports, but it can be a security risk, since it allows users to run queries against the website's database.


Allows users to subscribe to reports and their components. Subscription also needs to be allowed for individual reports through their properties. Unauthenticated (public) users cannot subscribe to reports.

Set connection string

Allows users to change the connection string property of reports and their components. The report uses the specified connection string to access the database when loading data.


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