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Categories tab

Categories tab

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Categories tab

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Here you can assign categories, i.e. topic-related groups, defined for the current site to the currently selected product. The Categories concept allows you to sort products offered in your on-line store based on such groups. In addition to tags, it is thus another approach to sorting your on-line store content.


If any categories are already assigned to the product, a list of these categories is displayed, together with a category status and the Remove selected and Add categories buttons. If no categories are assigned, only the latter button is displayed. Please note that you can remove all listed items at once by clicking the OtherActions icon and performing the Delete Remove all action.


Assigning categories to the product


To add new categories to the product, you need to click the Add categories button and in the dialog window that pops up, select the categories from the categories tree. Only categories allowed for the current site together with personal categories of the user are displayed. To save the changes, click OK. Please note that the dialog window allows you not only to select categories but also perform standard category editing tasks:


Managing categories


If you need to create a category, click the AddNewSettingsGroup New button. To delete a category, click the DeleteCategory Delete button. Categories can also be moved Up Up and moved Down Down in the categories tree and the tree can be CategoryExpand Expanded and CategoryCollapse Collapsed.


If you need to CategoryEdit Edit a category, select it from the tree and configure its settings as required:


Display name

The name of the category that will be displayed to users on the live site and in the administration interface.

Code name

The name of the category used by developers in the code.

Parent category

The parent category under which this child category is put. Use the drop-down list to move the category under a different category.


The description text of the category.


Indicates if the category should be enabled in the system. Products cannot be assigned to categories that are not enabled.


Localization expressions, i.e. Localize other languages (LocalizeLanguages), Remove localization (Delete) and Localize (AddNewUICulture), are described in detail in the Localization expressions topic in the Development -> Multilingual and international support section of the Developer's Guide.


Detailed information about the Categories module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Categories.

Further information about products can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Products.