Kentico CMS 7.0 Community Site Guide

Creating the Friend management page

Creating the Friend management page

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Creating the Friend management page

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One of the community features in Kentico CMS is the Friends module. It provides users the possibility of creating social relations - friendships. This special page will contain the Friendship management web part, which handles the friendship approval or rejection requests.


In order to for the page to be functional, you need to set its alias path in Site Manager -> Settings -> Community -> Friend management path, as described in this chapter.


1. Select the Special pages folder in the content tree and click New. Choose the Page (menu item) document type.




2. Select the My Community Site templates -> _StarterTemplate created in this chapter. Into the Page name field, enter Friend management and click Save.




3. Switch to the Properties -> Template tab and click the Save as new template link. Enter the following details in the pop-up dialog:


Template display name: My Community Site - Friend management

Template code name: MyCommunitySite.FriendManagement

Template category: My Community Site templates

Template description: some text describing the page template


Click OK. Click Save.




4. Click Edit template properties and change the Inherit content property to Select inherited levels, while only Level0 should be selected. Click Save to save the changes.




5. Switch to the Page tab and enter Friend management into the Editable text web part's text box. Click Save.




6. Switch to the Design tab. Click the Add web part (AddWebPart) icon of the zoneCenter web part zone and choose the Community -> Friends -> Friendship management web part. Set the following properties of the web part, leave the default values for the rest of them:


My friends page path: /Members/Management/Friends

Send notification message: enabled

Send notification e-mail: enabled

Content after: <br /><br />


Click OK. The page is now finished and ready to handle the friendship management requests.