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Subscriptions allow users to receive e-mail notifications when a new post is added to the selected forum.


There are several ways how a user can subscribe for receiving e-mail notifications:


1. The forum administrator can subscribe users to the whole forum and manage all subscriptions at Forum edit -> Subscriptions.


After clicking the NewSubscription New subscription link, the following dialog depicted in the screenshot below will be displayed. You only need to enter the user's e-mail address and click OK. If you do it with the Send confirmation e-mail to subscriber check-box checked, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail, telling them that they have been subscribed. These confirmation e-mails are sent automatically when the user subscribes on-site, as described in the following two points.




2. The user clicks the subscribe to forum link at the top of the forum:

3. The user subscribes to a particular post and sub-posts:

Users can unsubscribe at any time by using the link in the e-mail.


The post notification e-mails are sent to the subscribed users based on the Forums - New post e-mail template, which can be edited in the Site Manager -> Administration -> E‑mail templates dialog. The notifications informing users about their forum subscriptions or unsubscriptions are based on the Forums - Subscription confirmation and Forums - Unsubscription confirmation templates respectively.


You can use the following specific context macros in forum subscription e‑mail templates:


{% ForumDisplayName %} - display name of the related forum.

{% ForumName %} - code name of the related forum.

{% ForumDescription %} - resolves into the description text of the forum.

{% GroupDisplayName %} - display name of the related forum group.

{% GroupName %} - code name of the related forum group.

{% GroupDescription %} - description text of the forum group.

{% PostSubject %} - the subject of the new forum post that caused the notification to be sent.

{% PostText %} - resolves into the HTML content of the new post.

{% PostTextPlain %} - resolves into the plain text version of the new post's content.

{% PostUsername %} - name of the user who created the post.

{% PostTime %} - the date and time when the new post was added.

{% Link %} - resolves into a link to the new post.

{% UnsubscribeLink %} - generates a link that can be used to unsubscribe from the given forum.


The two macros below are available for (un)subscription notifications:


{% Subject %} - if the user is subscribed to a specific post, this resolves into the subject of the given post. Otherwise it returns an empty string.

{% Separator %} - if the user is subscribed to a specific post, this returns the value of the forums.confirmationtemplateseparator resource string (" - " by default). This can be placed between the name of the forum and the subject of the post to cover both possible subscription scenarios.


You can also access the following related objects and their properties (e.g. {% ForumPost.PostViews %}:


{% ForumPost %} - ForumPostInfo object of the post to which the user is subscribed (if applicable).

{% Forum %} - ForumInfo object representing the forum to which the user is subscribed.

{% ForumGroup %} - ForumGroupInfo object of the forum group containing the given forum.

{% Subscriber %} - ForumSubscriptionInfo object representing subscription of the recipient to the given forum. Only available for the New post template.




Forum base URL and forum e-mails


It's important to set a correct Forum base URL value in the forum properties so that the notification e-mails contain valid links to the forum. Use URL in format http://localhost/kenticocms/forums.aspx - enter the full URL of the page with the forum, including the domain.