Kentico CMS 6.0 Developer's Guide



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This dialog is divided into two independent sections - Permissions and Access




Here you can specify the document-level permissions for the given document. Please see the Authorization (permissions) chapter for more details.




Local and global permissions


Please remember that the local permissions are combined with global permissions defined for roles in the CMS Desk -> Administration -> Permissions dialog as described in the Authorization (permissions) chapter.




Here you can configure if the page is accessible by public (anonymous) visitors or if it's only available to users who sign in with their user name and password. If you choose the option Inherits, the value is inherited from the parent document.


Please read the Secured website areas chapter for more details.


You can also specify if the give page or website section requires SSL (HTTPS) protocol. If you set it to Yes, the CMS automatically redirects the user to the URL with https:// protocol.


Requires authentication


Yes - authentication is required to access the page

No - authentication is not required to access the page

Inherits - value of the setting is required from the parent page


Requires SSL


This setting indicates if users who access the page should automatically be redirected to the version of the page that is secured through the SSL protocol (i.e. the target URL will use the https scheme). You can choose one of the following options:


Yes - users attempting to access the page will always be redirected to the HTTPS version of the page's URL.

No - users will not be explicitly redirected to a secured URL when they access the page, but the protocol used in the current URL will remain unchanged (i.e. if a user navigates to the page from another page that is secured, this page will also use SSL).

Inherits - the settings defined for the parent document will be used.

Never - users trying to access the page through a secured URL will be explicitly redirected to the unsecured version of the page.


Please note: Kentico CMS does not configure your website for SSL/HTTPS. It may only be used to automatically redirect users to the appropriate URL. You need to perform the configuration itself manually using the standard IIS settings, as described in IIS documentation or in this article: