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The QueryUniView control displays document data from the Kentico CMS database in a hierarchical structure based on transformations without the need to write any additional code. Using hierarchical transformations, this control can be used to display documents with a varying design depending on their type and hierarchical level. Please see the Using hierarchical transformations topic under the CMSUniView control for an example of how this works.


Additionally, it allows you to specify the query used to retrieve data through its QueryName property. Only queries stored in the CMS_Query table of the Kentico CMS database can be selected, so if you wish to use a custom query, you must create it there or edit an existing one. The queries can be managed through the administration interface at Site Manager -> Development -> Document types / System tables / Custom tables -> ... Edit (Edit) object ... -> Queries.


The QueryUniView is derived from the BasicUniView control.


Please refer to the Using control properties to set query clauses topic to find information about using properties such as WhereCondition with this control.


The portal engine equivalent of the QueryUniView control is the Listings and viewers -> Universal viewer with custom query web part.




Please note


If you only wish to display data from a specific part of the content tree, please consider using the CMSUniView control instead.



The following topics are available to help you familiarize yourself with the QueryUniView control:


Getting started - contains a step-by-step tutorial that allows you to learn the basics of using the control

Configuration - describes and explains the properties that can be set for the control

Appearance and styling - describes how the design of the control can be modified