Problems with XML data source

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The XML data source web part can be used to provide data from an XML file specified by its XML URL property. It uses the Dataset.ReadXml() method to read the XML files. In some cases, this method can separate data from the source XML file into more than one dataset table. In this case, you need to specify which dataset table is used through the Table name property.


Unfortunately, it cannot be explicitly determined into which table the data that you require is loaded. Therefore, we recommend finding this out using the Debug function in Visual Studio.


If the Table name property is not specified appropriately in this case, no data is provided to the connected Repeater. It is therefore advisable to disable the Repeater's Hide if no record found property in order to prevent the repeater from being hidden on the page, which may be confusing in some cases.


In some special cases, it may also happen that the required data may be distributed into more than one dataset table. In such a case, the Table name property cannot be used to solve the issue and the only workaround is to modify the source XML (if possible).




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