Multiple document aliases

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In versions prior to Kentico CMS 4.0, you could have two URLs leading to one document. Both of these could be set in CMS Desk, on the Properties -> URLs tab of each document:


Document alias - this is the unique name of the document in the given section of the website; if Media is the value, then <domain>/Media.aspx is the URL under which the document can be accessed by default


Document URL path - this is the URL alias that could be used in the versions preceding 4.0; if you enter /Medialibrary, the page will also become accessible through <domain>/Medialibrary.aspx


Kentico CMS 4.0 brings the possibility of having an unlimited number of aliases for each document. Adding new document aliases can be done the following way:


1. Sign in to CMS Desk, select some document from the content tree and switch to its Properties -> URLs tab.


2. Click the NewTransformation_6.0 Add new alias link in the Document aliases section.




3. Enter the following details:


URL path - URL of the alias
Culture - cultural version of the document that will be displayed when accessing the page through this URL
URL extensions - additional supported extensions of the URL; for these to work, you will have to configure the system as described in Configuration of custom URL extensions; optional field
Track campaign - name of a web analytics campaign that will be created on the first access through this URL alias and that will be used for tracking access to the document through the alias; optional field




Click OK to create the alias.


4. Now if you switch back to the Properties -> URLs tab of the document, you should see the newly created alias present in the list in the Document aliases section, as depicted in the screenshot below. Like this, you can add an unlimited number of aliases.




Wildcard URLs


Wildcard URLs can also be used in these additional document aliases. For more information on wildcard URLs, please refer to the Wildcard URLs chapter of this guide.


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