E-mail notification in workflow process

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The workflow process automatically notifies the members of the authorized roles that there's a document waiting for their approval. It also sends a notification to the document author (the user who last edited the document in the Edit step and sent it to the next workflow step) when the document status changes. Lastly, a notification is also sent to all users who have the Manage workflow permission for all content.


Please note: notification e-mails are not sent among users who have the same e-mail address, i.e. when user1 and user2 have the same address and user1 sends a document for user2's approval, no notification e-mail is sent


You can turn off e-mail notifications in the workflow process in Site Manager -> Settings -> Content Management. Here you can set the following values:


Send workflow e-mails - indicates if workflow e-mails should be sent.
Send workflow e-mails from - the e-mail address from which the e-mails will be sent.




Tip: Workflow notification e-mail templates


You can customize the workflow notification e-mails in Site Manager -> Development -> E-mail templates. The workflow uses the following e-mail templates:


Document approved
Document archived
Document published
Document ready for approval
Document rejected


You can use the following macro expressions in the workflow notification templates:


{%applicationurl%} - the URL of the Kentico CMS web project on the server (including protocol and domain name)
{%nodeid%} - NodeID of the current document
{%documentname%} - document name
{%approvedby%} - name of the user who approved/rejected/archived the document or submitted the document to approval
{%approvedwhen%} - date and time of approval/rejection/archivation
{%originalstep%} - original step before approval/rejection/archivation
{%currentstep%} - new step after approval/rejection/archivation
{%comment%} - comment added by the user who changed the status of the document


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