Custom Data Provider

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The Custom Data Provider can be used to implement your own database connector.


Please note: The Custom Data Provider is NOT intended for accessing a non-Microsoft SQL Server database engines. It's only intended for minor modifications of the way the queries are executed against the Microsoft SQL Server.


1. Open the web project in Visual Studio.


2. Copy the CustomDataProvider project from <installation directory>/CodeSamples to your Solution directory.


3. Add the project CustomDataProvider to the solution.


4. Add the reference to the new project to the website project.


5. Add the reference to the IDataConnectionLibrary, SettingsProvider, DirectoryUtilities a GlobalHelper libraries located in the website project to the CustomDataProvider project.


6. Build the solution.


7. Add the following key to the AppSettings section of your web.config file:


<add key="CMSDataProviderAssembly" value="CMS.CustomDataProvider"/>


8. Run the website, it should use the CustomDataProvider library now.


9. If everything works fine, you can modify the code of the Custom Data Provider as needed.


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