App themes

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In some cases, you may leverage the built-in support for ASP.NET themes. You can use them for setting styles of controls that do not have their own CSS class name, such as Datagrid or Calendar.


The name of the theme folder under App_Themes must be same as the code name of the site CSS stylesheet. So if you use the Green stylesheet on your site, your theme must be stored in the App_Themes\green sub-folder.


You need to add your skins to the file. Here's an example of CMSCalendar / Calendar web part skin:


<cms:CMSCalendar Runat="server">

  <NextPrevStyle ForeColor="Red"></NextPrevStyle>

  <WeekendDayStyle BackColor="#E0E0E0"></WeekendDayStyle>





Website design files


It's recommended that you store all images or Flash movies that are part of the website design template in the application theme folder. This ensures that the files are exported together with website when your deploying it to some other server.


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