Adding the messaging functionality to the live site

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The same functionality that is described in the My messages topic can be added to the live site as well. It is possible using the web parts stored under the Messaging web part category. This page gives just a brief overview of the messaging web parts. Detailed descriptions of each web part and its properties can be found in Kentico CMS Web Parts Reference.




The My messages web part, shown in the screenshot above, is an all-in-one messaging web part. It provides exactly the same functionality as the user interface in CMS Desk -> My Desk -> My messages. This web part encapsulates the rest of the messaging web parts in one web part. If you need to add just a particular part of the messaging functionality,you can use one of the other messaging web parts:


Contact list - allows users to add other users into their contact list or remove them from the list
Ignore list - allows users to define which users they don't want to receive any messages from
Inbox - shows a list of received messages and allows replying to them and deleting them
Messaging info panel - displays links to inbox, outbox, etc.
Outbox - shows a list of sent messages and allows deleting them
Send message - allows users to send messages


These web parts can be used separately on any page of the website, providing the same functionality as when the My messages web part is used. You can also choose which of these web parts will be included in the My messages web part. This can be done using its Display inbox, Display outbox, Display contact list and Display ignore list properties.


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