Web analytics

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Enable web analytics

If true, the web analytics module logs the events.

Exclude search engines

Indicates if search engine robots should be excluded from tracking.

Excluded URLs

URLs of your websites that will not be tracked. All underlying pages will not be tracked either. You can specify multiple URLs (or site sections) separated by a semicolon (;).

Excluded file extensions

Types of files managed by Kentico CMS that will not be tracked and shown in the File downloads report. You can use several extensions separated with a semicolon (;) (e.g. .jpg;.gif).

Please note: it's necessary to include the dot in the extension name.

Excluded IP addresses

Client IP addresses the access of which will not be tracked by the analytics module separated by a semicolon (;). You can use it to exclude your own IP address so that your visits do not influence the results. Please note that you can use * in IP addresses as a wildcard character that stands for any digit.

Remember visitors by IP (minutes)

If the entered value is higher than 0, the visitors' IP addresses are used for smarter visits logging. IP addresses are stored in memory for the specified amount of time.

Track browser types

Enables browser types tracking.

Track campaigns

Enables campaigns tracking.

Campaign tracking URL parameter

URL parameter name to identify the campaign.

Track conversions

Enables conversions tracking.

Track countries

Enables countries tracking.

Track file downloads

Enables file downloads tracking.

Track invalid pages

Enables invalid pages tracking.

Track page views

Enables page views tracking.

Track referrals

Enables referrals tracking.

Track visits

Enables visits tracking.

Track registered users

Enables registered users tracking.


Detailed information about the Web analytics module can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics.


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