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Here you can see a list of all subscribers of the currently edited newsletter. Subscribers can be added by using the following actions:


AddNewSubscription Add subscribers - allows selection from a list of all subscribers in the system
AddUser Add users - allows selection from the users of the current site
AddRole Add roles - allows selection from the roles of the current site (newsletter issues will be sent to all members of the selected roles)


You can unsubscribe users by clicking the Remove (Delete) button on the left of each subscriber.


Subscribers in the list can be filtered by their e-mail or name.


If the Send e-mail confirmation to the subscriber checkbox is checked, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the user informing them that they have been unsubscribed.


If you wish to manage all subscribers in the system, this can be done at CMS Desk -> Tools -> Newsletters -> Subscribers.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview
Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Subscribers management


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