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Administrator's e-mail

Administrator's e-mail address. It is used in modules where the administrator's e-mail address cannot be specified in the administration interface or in web part properties (e.g. user account confirmation page).

Monitor on-line users

Enables the On-line users module, which monitors users currently browsing the website.

Store online users in database

If checked, records about on-line users will be stored in the database. Necessary when running the system on a web farm.

Deny login interval

Interval in minutes during which kicked users cannot log in back to the site.

Update online users (minutes)

Interval in minutes after which information about on-line users will be updated. When running the system on a web farm, you need to enter the same value which is set for the Sessions remove expired sessions scheduled task (you can read the value in Site Manager -> Administration -> Scheduled tasks -> edit (Edit) Sessions remove expired sessions -> Task interval -> Every: X minutes).

Reserved user names

Users can not select these user names while registration. Entered user names should be divided by semicolons.

Registration requires e-mail confirmation

Indicates if e-mail confirmation is needed for a user to get registered.

Registration requires administrator's approval

Indicates if administrator's approval is needed for a user to get registered.

Delete non-activated user after (days)

When a user registers but doesn't activate their account, their account will be activated after the entered number of days.

Shared user accounts

If enabled, user accounts created on one site will be shared among all the sites running on the single installation.

If disabled, new accounts will be assigned only to the current site and not the others.

Require unique user e-mails

If check, users can not use an e-mail address on registration if the address is already used in some other user's account.


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