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Send password e-mails from

E-mail address used when sending password retrieval e-mails.

Password format

Format of the password. It can be either plain text or SHA1 hash (use value ‘SHA1’). By default, the passwords are stored in the plain text. If you want to use SHA1 hash format, please set the value. Then, you need to set all passwords again so that they are stored in the new format - thus, it's recommended that you make the change after the installation, before you create user accounts.

Please note: Empty string in the ‘UserPassword’ field is considered to be blank password for both plain text and hash format. You can use the empty value to reset administrator's password in the database if you forget it.

Use SSL for administration interface

Indicates if CMS Desk and Site Manager pages are automatically redirected to https://.

Check page permissions

Check page permissions according to the user access permissions in the defined section of the website.


Possible values:

NO - permissions are not checked for all documents

ALL - permissions are checked for all documents

SECUREDAREAS - permissions are checked for documents which require authentization

Website logon page URL

Logon page used for signing in to the secured areas.

Please note: This page is different to the CMSDesk logon page.

Access denied page URL

URL of the page that should be displayed when the user is not allowed to read the page.

Enable banned IPs

Enables the Banned IPs module.

Redirect banned IPs to URL

Users accessing the site from a banned IP will be redirected to this URL.

Enable flood protection

If checked, flood protection will be enabled. This means that users can send blog posts, forum posts and message board messages repeatedly with the minimal interval specified by the Flood interval property below.

Flood interval

Flood protection time interval in seconds.

Enable UI personalization

Indicates if UI personalization is enabled. If enabled, users can see only those UI elements that are allowed for their roles' UI profile. If disabled, all users can see all UI elements.


Page url: