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The reports may be filtered using custom parameters. On this tab you can add your custom parameters.


Database section

Attribute name

Name of the attribute which will be displayed in the properties list.

Attribute type

Type of value specifying the attribute.

Attribute size

Reserved size of the value that can be entered into a given property.

Allow empty value

Enable this if you do not wish the property to be checked for empty values.

Attribute default value

Predefined value for the given attribute.

Display attribute in the editing form

If you uncheck this property then the attribute in question won’t be available in the report filter.

Field section

Field caption

Name of the parameter that will be displayed in the report filter.

Field type

Input type of the parameter.

Field description

Tooltip which will be displayed for this attribute.

Validation section

Regular expression

This regular expression will be used for the validator of the given parameter.

Min length

Minimal length for inserting values.

Max length

Maximal length for inserting values.

Error message

Error message for the validator.

Design section

Caption style

Here you can add css styles for the caption of the given attribute.

Input style

Here you can add css styles for input of the given attribute.

Control CSS class

CSS class name which will style this property.


Please note: Not all fields may be available depending on the selected "Field type".


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