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The following properties can be entered when creating or editing an e-mail template:


Display name

The name of the template displayed in the user interface.

Code name

The name of the template used in code.


E-mail address that will be used as the sender (From) address of the e-mail.


E-mail addresses of copy recipients.


E-mail addresses of blind copy recipients. These will get a copy of the e-mail, but won't see the addresses of other recipients in the mail.


Subject of the e-mail.

HTML version

HTML code of the e-mail template.

Plain text version

Plain text of the e-mail template.


These properties may contain macro expressions that are resolved (merged) when the e-mail is sent. The use of macros is necessary to ensure that individual e-mails based on this template contain information relevant to the situation that caused them to be sent.


File attachments can be added to the template at the bottom of the page.


More resources can be found at Developer's Guide -> Development -> E-mail templates.


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