E-mail templates

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Kentico CMS sends automatic system e-mails for various purposes, such as for example workflow notification. The content of these e-mails is determined by templates according to the type of a given e-mail. E-mail templates can be modified at Site Manager -> Development -> E-mail templates, which allows you to alter the e-mails sent by the system to match a certain design and/or language.


The following Kentico CMS modules and features send e-mails based on these templates:


Message boards
E-commerce (E-commerce Guide -> Configuration settings -> Customizing invoice and e-mail templates)
Membership - Registration
Project management


There are two types of e-mail templates: global and site-specific. If a site-specific template of a certain type is not defined, the global template is used instead.


An e-mail template has the following properties:


Display name

The name of the template displayed in the user interface.

Code name

The name of the template used in code.


E-mail address that will be used as the sender (From) address of the e-mail.


E-mail addresses of copy recipients.


E-mail addresses of blind copy recipients. These will get a copy of the e-mail, but won't see the addresses of other recipients in the mail.


Subject of the e-mail.

HTML version

HTML code of the e-mail template.

Plain text version

Plain text of the e-mail template.


Example of the HTML version of a template:





 <body style="FONT-SIZE: 12px; FONT-FAMILY: arial">


         This an automatic notification sent by Kentico CMS. The following document is waiting for your approval. Please sign in to Kentico CMS Desk and approve it.



         <b>Document:</b> <a href="{%applicationurl%}/cmsdesk/default.aspx?expandidpath={%idpath%}&expandmode=publish">               {%documentname%}</a>


         <b>Last approved by:</b> {%approvedby%}


         <b>Last approved when:</b> {%approvedwhen%}


         <b>Original step:</b> {%originalstep%}


         <b>Current step:</b> {%currentstep%}









Please note that e-mail template properties may contain macro expressions, such as those marked in the code above, that are resolved (merged) when the e-mail is sent. The use of macros is necessary to ensure that individual e-mails contain information relevant to the situation that caused them to be sent.


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/devguide/index.html?managing_e_mail_templates.htm