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DefaultDeliveryBuilder Class
The default implementation of IDeliveryBuilder. Creates delivery objects based on the calculation request.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Ecommerce
Assembly: CMS.Ecommerce (in CMS.Ecommerce.dll) Version: 12.0.0
public class DefaultDeliveryBuilder : IDeliveryBuilder

The DefaultDeliveryBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodDefaultDeliveryBuilder
Protected methodAddContainerToCustomData
Adds the data container to the custom data of the constructed Delivery.
Protected methodAddItem
Adds a calculation request item to the constructed Delivery.
Protected methodAddItems
Adds calculation request items selected by the itemSelector predicate to the constructed Delivery.
Public methodBuildDelivery
Creates a new Delivery object based on builder settings.
Protected methodCreateDeliveryItem
Creates a new DeliveryItem object for the given calculation request item.
Protected methodEnsureDefaultValues
Sets the shipping date of the delivery to now when no specific date was set. Override this method to ensure the default data in the constructed Delivery
Protected methodGetItemCustomDataContainers
Override this method to populate the supplied list with the custom data containers.
Protected methodInitCustomData
Override this method to add custom data to the constructed Delivery.
Protected methodInitItemCustomData
Adds custom data to the constructed DeliveryItem.
Public methodSetCustomData
Sets custom data under the given key.
Public methodSetDeliveryAddress
Sets an address to which the currently constructed Delivery will be shipped.
Public methodSetFromCalculationRequest
Sets the currently constructed Delivery according to the supplied calculation request data.
Public methodSetShippingDate
Sets the date of shipping.
Public methodSetShippingOption
Sets the shipping option used for the currently constructed Delivery.
Public methodSetWeight
Sets weight of the package with the whole Delivery.
This is the default implementation of IDeliveryBuilder. You can derive your own implementation from this class. The following code illustrates how to register custom implementation.
[assembly:RegisterImplementation(typeof(IDeliveryBuilder), typeof(MyDeliveryBuilder))]
public class MyDeliveryBuilder : DefaultDeliveryBuilder
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