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CMS.EventLog Namespace
Public classEventLogEvents
Event log events
Public classEventLogHandler
Defines handlers for events related to records in the system's Event log.
Public classEventLogHelper
Class for event helper methods
Public classEventLogInfo
EventLogInfo data container class.
Public classEventLogModule
Represents the Event Log module.
Public classEventLogModuleMetadata
Represents the Event Log module metadata.
Public classEventLogProvider
Provides basic operations with the event log.
Public classEventLogSourceHelper
Helper class for registering event log source name to Windows event log.
Public classEventType
Event type constants
Public classLogContext
Provides the context for logging asynchronous events.
Public classLogEventArgs
Event arguments for LogEventToCurrent event handler
Public classPrepareEventLogDataHandler
Handler for PrepareData providing possibility to modify non-persisted EventLogInfo data when such object enters the system.