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IConditionalDiscount Interface
Represents discount which is applicable only if specific macro condition is met.

Namespace: CMS.Ecommerce
Assembly: CMS.Ecommerce (in CMS.Ecommerce.dll) Version: 10.0.0
public interface IConditionalDiscount : IItemDiscount

The IConditionalDiscount type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplyFurtherDiscounts
Indicates that further discounts (in order of DiscountOrder) are to be processed.
Public propertyDiscountCartCondition
Macro condition regarding shopping cart which must be satisfied to be able to use discount
Public propertyDiscountItemMinOrderAmount
Minimum order discount amount.
Public propertyDiscountItemOrder
Discount order used to define its priority (1 is the highest priority).
Public propertyDiscountProductCondition
Macro condition regarding products which must be satisfied to be able to use discount
Public propertyItemDiscountDisplayName
Discount display name.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public propertyItemDiscountID
Discount identifier.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public propertyItemDiscountIsFlat
True - discount value is flat, False - discount value is relative.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public propertyItemDiscountIsGlobal
True - says that discounts value is set in global main currency, False - says that discounts value is set in site main currency. Takes effect only if discount value is flat.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public propertyItemDiscountType
Discount type.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public propertyItemDiscountValue
Discount value.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public methodApplyTogetherWith
Returns true if this discount is to be applied on the same base as the given discount. False indicates that discounts are to be applied one after another.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
Public methodCalculateUnitDiscount
Calculates discount based on basePrice for given shopping cart item.
(Inherited from IItemDiscount.)
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