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SynchronizationObjectSettings Class
Class encapsulating parameters for GeneralizedInfo serialization (export).
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Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 10.0.0
public class SynchronizationObjectSettings

The SynchronizationObjectSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodSynchronizationObjectSettings
Public propertyBinary
If true, binary data is exported as well.
Public propertyBindingDuplicities
Gets duplicities for object bindings
Public propertyColumns
Gets or sets COLUMNS clause.
Public propertyCreateHierarchy
If true, result will be hierarchical (children, bindings in lower level than parent etc.).
Public propertyDisableCollectionPaging
If true, the traversal process sets AllowPaging to false to all the collections it goes through.
Public propertyDocAliasPath
Path. It may contain % and _ as wild card characters for any number of unknown characters or one unknown character respectively (for MS SQL).
Public propertyDocClassNames
List of classNames to select separated by semicolon (e.g.: "cms.article;cms.product").
Public propertyDocCombineWithDefaultCulture
Specifies if return the default culture document when specified culture not found.
Public propertyDocConnectedObjects
Gets or sets the list of collections from ConnectedObjects collection which will go into the result.
Public propertyDocCoupledData
If false, coupled data are not included in the result.
Public propertyDocCultureCode
Nodes culture code.
Public propertyDocDeleteAllCultures
If true, all cultures are deleted when document is being deleted.
Public propertyDocDestroyHistory
If true, the history is deleted when the document is being deleted.
Public propertyDocLinkedDocuments
If true, linked documents are included in the result.
Public propertyDocSelectOnlyPublished
Select only published nodes.
Public propertyDocSingleDocument
If true, only single document is selected
Public propertyDocSiteName
Nodes site name.
Public propertyDocVersion
Version of the document to return.
Public propertyEnsureBinaryData
If true, all the collections are forced to load binary data.
Public propertyExportItemURI
Gets or sets URI of the exported item (needed for ODATA export).
Public propertyHandleBoundObjects
If false, all bound objects (such as children or all types of bindings) are not being handled. If true, handling of these objects is determined by more specific settings (such as IncludeChildren, IncludeBindings, etc.)
Public propertyIncludeBindings
If true, binding objects are included in the result.
Public propertyIncludeCategories
If true, parent category hierarchy of the object is included in the result as well.
Public propertyIncludeChildren
If true, child objects are included in the result.
Public propertyIncludeMetafiles
If true, metafiles of the object are included in the result as well.
Public propertyIncludeObjectData
If false, object data are not exported (true by default).
Public propertyIncludeOtherBindings
If true, other binding objects are included in the result.
Public propertyIncludeProcesses
If true, automation processes of the object are included in the result as well.
Public propertyIncludeRelationships
If true, relationships of the object are included in the result as well.
Public propertyIncludeScheduledTasks
If true, scheduled tasks of the object are included in the result as well.
Public propertyIncludeSiteBindings
If true, site binding objects are included in the result. This setting is applied only when IncludeBindings is true.
Public propertyIncludeTranslations
If true, translation table is exported within the result as well.
Public propertyJSONCallback
Gets or sets the callback JS code used a JSONP.
Public propertyMaxRecords
Gets or sets maximum number of records.
Public propertyMaxRelativeLevel
Determines maximal level of the relationship (parent-child). -1 means all levels, 0 means no child objects, 1 means first level of children, etc.
Public propertyOffset
Gets or sets offset of the records.
Public propertyOperation
Operation type (Export / Synchronization / etc.). According to this parameter export determines which child / binding objects to include in the export.
Public propertyOrderBy
Gets or sets ORDER BY clause.
Public propertyParameter Obsolete.
Custom object passed as a parameter to export settings.
Public propertyProcessIDCallback
Method which is called to process any FK ID.
Public propertyProcessTranslations
If true, translation table is filled within ProcessTranslations method.
Public propertyRequestStockKey
Returns key for request stock helper caching.
Public propertyRootName
Name of the root element of the resulting export (root of xml).
Public propertyTopN
Gets or sets TOP N clause.
Public propertyTranslationHelper
Translation helper to pass to the callback methods.
Public propertyWhereCondition
Where condition.
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