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QueryColumnListBase Properties

The QueryColumnListBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAnyColumnsDefined
Returns true if any columns are defined within this column list
Public propertyColumns

There are three possible outputs.

Firstly NO_COLUMNS, there will be no column in query.

Secondly list of columns represented as string, without occurrence of NO_COLUMNS.

Finally Empty, that resolves to * in query.

Protected propertyContainsAllColumnsSelector
Indicates whether list contains all columns selector
Public propertyCount
Returns the number of defined columns
Public propertyIsSingleColumn
Returns true if the columns represent a single column
Public propertyItem
Returns column on specific index
Public propertyNoColumns
Indicates whether list represents an empty list with no columns, no matter already existing columns or columns added after
Public propertyParent
Parent query for the column list
Protected propertyPresentColumns
Gets the hash set of present columns for duplicity detection
Public propertyReturnsAllColumns
Returns true if the columns contain all columns specification or columns do not contain definition of any columns
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