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ProviderDictionaryTKey, TValue Properties

The ProviderDictionaryTKey, TValue generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColumnNames
Column names
Public propertyCount
Items count (all keys).
Public propertyDataIsValid
Returns true if the dictionary content is valid.
Public propertyEnabled
If true, the dictionary is enabled.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Returns true if the Dictionary is empty.
Public propertyItem
Dictionary indexer.
Public propertyLogWebFarmTasks
Gets / sets if the dictionary should log web farm tasks
Public propertyName
Dictionary name.
Public propertyObjectType
Object type
Public propertyParentCollection
Parent dictionary collection.
Public propertyUseWeakReferences
If true, the weak references are used for the items so the memory can be cleared upon request
Protected propertyWebFarmTaskOperation
Web farm task operation identificator used in task queue.
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