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CMS.ContactManagement Namespace
Public classAccountContactInfo
AccountContactInfo data container class.
Public classAccountContactInfoProvider
Class providing AccountContactInfo management.
Public classAccountContactListInfo
Account-Contact relation class used for listing.
Public classAccountHelper
Helper class for merging, splitting and deleting accounts.
Public classAccountInfo
AccountInfo data container class.
Public classAccountInfoProvider
Class providing AccountInfo management.
Public classAccountListInfo
"Virtual" object for loading data from contact view.
Public classAccountMembershipListInfo
"Virtual" object for loading data from account-membership view.
Public classAccountStatusInfo
AccountStatusInfo data container class.
Public classAccountStatusInfoProvider
Class providing AccountStatusInfo management.
Public classCachedMacroRuleTrees
Cache for parsed macro conditions.
Public classCachedRulesManager
Loads rules that are eligible for recalculation from cache.
Public classContactAccountAction
Class for Change contact account action
Public classContactAccountListInfo
Contact-Account relation table.
Public classContactAutomationAction
Base class for contact action.
Public classContactDataSetExtensions
ContactInfoDataSet extension methods.
Public classContactGroupAction
Class for automation action that modifies relation between contact group and contact
Public classContactGroupContactListInfo
Contact group contacts list
Public classContactGroupEvaluator
Task for evaluation of dynamic contact group. Contacts' (site or all for global contact group) membership to a contact group depends on meeting the dynamic condition.
Public classContactGroupInfo
ContactGroupInfo data container class.
Public classContactGroupInfoProvider
Class providing ContactGroupInfo management.
Public classContactGroupMemberInfo
ContactGroupMembersInfo data container class.
Public classContactGroupMemberInfoProvider
Class providing ContactGroupMemberInfo management.
Public classContactGroupMembersCount
Class to link contact group with its count of members
Public classContactGroupRebuilder
Class for contact group rebuilding.
Public classContactGroupRebuildTaskManager
Manages scheduled tasks responsible for rebuilding contact groups.
Public classContactHelper
Class used for merging, splitting and deleting contacts.
Public classContactImportFieldsProvider
Class responsible for filtering out contact fields that are not supported by contact import functionality.
Public classContactInfo
ContactInfo data container class.
Public classContactInfoExtensions
Provides extension methods for ContactInfo.
Public classContactInfoObjectQueryExtensions
Public classContactInfoProvider
Class providing ContactInfo management.
Public classContactInfosDeletedHandler
Event fires when DeleteContactInfos(String, Int32) deletes some contacts. Deleted contacts IDs are passed in event arguments.
Public classContactInfosDeletedHandlerEventArgs
Event arguments for event that fires when DeleteContactInfos(String, Int32) deletes some contacts.
Public classContactListInfo
"Virtual" object for loading data from contact view.
Public classContactManagementContext
Contact context method and variables.
Public classContactManagementEvents
Contact management events.
Public classContactMembershipCustomerListInfo
"Virtual" object for loading contact-customer relation data.
Public classContactMembershipInfo
ContactMembershipInfo data container class.
Public classContactMembershipInfoProvider
Class providing ContactMembershipInfo management.
Public classContactMembershipListInfo
"Virtual" object for loading data from contact-membership view.
Public classContactMembershipUserListInfo
"Virtual" object for loading contact-user relation data.
Public classContactMergeModel
Represents pair of contacts that are being merged.
Public classContactPropertyAction
Class for Set attribute value
Public classContactRoleInfo
ContactRoleInfo data container class.
Public classContactRoleInfoProvider
Class providing ContactRoleInfo management.
Public classContactStatusAction
Class for Set contact status action.
Public classContactStatusInfo
ContactStatusInfo data container class.
Public classContactStatusInfoProvider
Class providing ContactStatusInfo management.
Public classContactWithScoreValue
Represents number of points contact has in certain score.
Public classContactWithScoreValueCollection
Container for scores together with amount of points certain contact reached.
Public classCustomActivityAction
Class for Log custom activity action.
Public classDeleteContactAction
Class for contact deletion action.
Public classDeleteInactiveContacts
Deletes inactive contacts. Takes a batch of 1000 which is deleted and replans itself if there are more to delete.
Public classDocumentationLinks
Documentation links for online marketing topics.
Public classDocumentationLinksContactGroups
Documentation links for contact groups.
Public classDocumentationLinksScoring
Documentation links for scoring.
Public classDuplicateActivitiesForContactEventArgs
Event arguments for the event fired when we need to duplicate record in Activity table and all related tables if required.
Public classDuplicateActivitiesForContactHandler
Event handler for the event fired when we need to duplicate record in Activity table and all related tables if required.
Public classGeoLocationContactHelper
Class for setting location of contact according to the given IP address.
Public classMacroRuleInstance
Represents one line from the macro rule condition builder.
Public classMacroRuleMetadataContainer
Class for registering MacroRuleMetadata to the system. Use RegisterMetadata(MacroRuleMetadata) or RegisterMetadata(DictionaryString, MacroRuleMetadata, MacroRuleMetadata) to speed up recalculation of contact groups when registered macro rule is used in group condition.
Public classMacroRuleTreeAnalyzer
Provides methods to analyze a MacroRuleTree.
Public classNotImportedContactsResultModel
Refers to data which were not imported. Result is same as RequestModel and contains explanation message for each failed row.
Public classRecalculateAfterContactActionEventArgs
Arguments for event fired when score is recalculated for one contact after contact's action (activity, property change, merge or split).
Public classRecalculateAfterContactActionsBatchEventArgs
Arguments for event fired when score is recalculated for contacts batch after their actions (activity, property change, merge or split).
Public classRecalculateAfterContactActionsBatchHandler
Handler for event fired when score is recalculated for contacts batch after their actions (activity, property change, merge or split).
Public classRecalculateScoreForAllContactsHandler
Handler for the event fired when points for all contacts for given score are being recalculated.
Public classRegisterDeleteContactsImplementationAttribute
Registers implementation for deleting inactive contacts. All registered implementations will be shown in the settings as an option for an administrator.
Public classRequestDependencies
Online marketing context dependencies related to current request context.
Public classRuleCondition
Ensures management of XML file that represents the rule condition.
Public classRuleHelper
Class providing rule helper methods.
Public classRuleInfo
RuleInfo data container class.
Public classRuleInfoProvider
Class providing RuleInfo management.
Public classScoreAsyncRecalculator
Recalculates score for ID given in constructor. Recalculation is performed in another thread.
Public classScoreContactRuleInfo
Info object for binding score - contact - rule.
Public classScoreContactRuleInfoProvider
Class providing ScoreContactRuleInfo management.
Public classScoreEvaluator
Task for score recalculation. For internal purposes only, for manual run please use ScoreAsyncRecalculator instead. Internally calls ScoreAsyncRecalculator thus recalculation runs in another thread.
Public classScoreEventArgs
Event arguments for events where only information about score is needed.
Public classScoreInfo
ScoreInfo data container class.
Public classScoreInfoProvider
Class providing ScoreInfo management.
Public classScoreQueueWorker
Queue worker for processing scoring actions
Public classScoreStatusFormatter
Returns formatted text for score status.
Public classScoringEvents
Scoring related events.
Public classVisitorToContactInfo
VisitorToContactInfo data container class.
Public classVisitorToContactInfoProvider
Class providing VisitorToContactInfo management.
Public structureMacroRuleMetadata
Metadata for a MacroRule in Online Marketing context. See MacroRuleMetadataContainer for information on how to use it to speed up recalculation of contact groups.
Public interfaceIActivityRecalculationQueueInfo
Specifies contract for ActivityRecalculationQueueInfo.
Public interfaceICachedRulesManager
Loads rules that are eligible for recalculation from cache.
Public interfaceIContactCreator
Provides method for creating new contacts.
Public interfaceIContactGroupMemberService
Class for members in contact groups.
Public interfaceIContactMergeService
Provides method for merging of a ContactInfo into another one.
Public interfaceIContactPersistentStorage
Provides methods for storing and retrieving contact from/to persistent storage. Persistent storage is a place where contact can be stored and after the same contact makes another request, it will be returned.
Public interfaceIContactRelationAssigner
Provides method for creating relationship between ContactInfo and other objects.
Public interfaceIContactValidator
Provides method for validating contact against the database.
Public interfaceICurrentContactMergeService
Provides method for merging of a current ContactInfo into another one.
Public interfaceICurrentContactProvider
Service for recognizing and storing information about a contact currently browsing the live site.
Public interfaceICurrentUserContactProvider
Provides methods for getting ContactInfo for UserInfo.
Public interfaceIDeleteContacts
Deletes contacts on one site based on settings (days, batch size).
Public interfaceIDeleteContactsService
Service responsible for deleting contacts. Is used for deleting inactive contacts.
Public interfaceIMacroRuleInstanceTranslator
Defines methods needed to translate macro rule instance of one particular macro rule type to data query.
Public interfaceIOffPeakService
Interface for deciding when in the day is off peak time, meaning when is the best to run tasks with bigger load.
Public enumerationContactGroupMemberTypeEnum
Types of contact group members used by ContactGroupInfo object.
Public enumerationContactGroupStatusEnum
Types of contact group status used by ContactGroupInfo object.
Public enumerationContactTypeEnum
Specifies possible types of contacts. This value determines which component will be used for displaying contact detail.
Public enumerationMemberAddedHowEnum
Possible types of how can be contact added to contact group.
Public enumerationMemberTypeEnum
Type of membership relation.
Public enumerationRuleTypeEnum
Rule type.
Public enumerationScoreStatusEnum
Types of score status used by ScoreInfo object.