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Kentico 8.2: Upgrade Improvements

Dominik Pinter    —       —    Featured Article

One of our goals at Kentico is to deliver the easiest upgrade procedure possible. In Kentico 8, we introduced the Code Upgrade tool to help with the API changes. In Kentico 8.1, we started to release upgrades on the same day of the release. And now, Kentico 8.2 comes with support for the contact management database in the upgrade procedure.

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SharePoint bi-directional synchronization

Juraj Hrinik    —       —    Featured Article

Almost any time someone is using or building intranet there is always SharePoint present on some level. In order for you to better collaborate and share documents on your intranets in Kentico 8.2, we’ve created a new module that will make things easier, accelerate cooperation between collaborators and facilitate sharing. We bring you the bi-directional synchronization for files between the SharePoint server and Kentico instances.

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Meet our 2014 Kentico DevNet Hero

Diego Fildes Torrijos    —       —    Article

Guess who received special recognition for a HUGE contribution to the Kentico community? Our brand new 2014 Kentico DevNet Hero, Brenden Kehren! Come and read about the loads of awesome things he’s done for the Kentico community this year and how much he enjoyed his trip to Kentico headquarters in the Czech Republic.

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Top 10 Kentico Websites for November 2014

Lenka Navratilova    —       —    Article

Christmas has arrived early this year at Kentico! We’ve had some excellent projects delivered to us by our partners this past November – Twinings, Bank Austria and eight others you don’t want to miss. Best of all, you don’t have to wait till Christmas Day to see the goodies we have in store for you – just read on and discover what’s inside. Happy Holidays from Kentico!

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Import contacts from a file

Vita Janecek    —       —    Featured Article

If you are using multiple tools to manage your leads, contacts and recipients, it can be a headache to sync them, import them and reuse them across all the platforms in use. Kentico 8.2 gives you a helping hand – you are able to easily import Contacts from a CSV file, segment them and leverage them in the system.

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