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Announcing Kentico 9

Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Featured Article

Today, I’m happy to introduce a completely new version of Kentico. This major Kentico release is designed to help marketers and developers deploy their changes quickly and reliably, provide tools to personalize content for unique customer experiences, test new approaches quickly, and provide the insights that businesses need to make the necessary adjustments to their digital marketing strategies. Say hello to Kentico 9!

Kentico Azure Community group invitation

Jana Pelclova    —       —    Featured Article

We would like to present to you the Kentico Azure Community group on Yammer. If you are running Kentico on Microsoft Azure platform, or just planning to adopt this environment, come join our Azure community!

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How to Delete Web Analytics Data via API

Juraj Ondrus    —       —    Article

If you track web analytics statistics over a long period of time, your database can become really large. To maintain database performance and size, you may eventually get to the point where you need to delete old web analytics data. In Kentico 9 this is not possible to do in the admin interface anymore but as always you can easily achieve this by using our Kentico API.

Kentico Web App vs Website: Which One Is Best?

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

One of the questions I have been asked time and again is which Visual Studio project type should a Kentico site be? A website or a web application? Both of these options have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as different development patterns for your custom code. In this article, I will cover the differences between these project types and hopefully steer you on a path toward deciding which one is best for your applications.

Creating a website template

Ilesh Mistry    —       —    Article

Have you ever needed to apply the same site settings to each and every site you create?  Have you ever wanted only certain modules to be available for every site?  Have you ever had to go into each new site and remove features or configure them specifically? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I will show you an approach to use that can hopefully save you some time. 

Five Things Developers Should Be Excited About in Kentico 9

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

With the release of Kentico 9 only a few days away, there’s no shortage of excitement in the community about the new features coming to the platform. The latest version will include some exciting functionality for developers and designers that will make creating your sites and applications even easier. In this blog, I’ll cover the top five things you should be excited about in Kentico 9.

Kentico 9 Webinar Series – Bringing You Closer to Your Customers

Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Article

The latest version of the all-in-one Kentico platform lands on November 24th. Join the Kentico 9 webinar series to get an inside look at the brand new features, all designed to make your digital marketing even more successful. Accelerate customer loyalty through new technologies with Kentico 9.