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Submit Your Website for Kentico Site of the Year 2016

Jana Repáková    —       —    Featured Article

It’s that time again! In keeping with our tradition, we are announcing the launch of Kentico Site of the Year 2016 submissions. Have you developed an extraordinary Kentico website? Then don’t keep it from the world! Get the recognition for your brilliant work you deserve by submitting it for Kentico Site of the Year 2016 now.

All the Small Things vol. 1

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Oh c'mon, don't tell me you believe we are not working on other things than the big ones from the roadmap. Sure we are. And it's unfair to leave them lying around without proper attention. Nobody puts our tweaks in a corner. #SmallThingsMatter

Version 10 Hails the Community

Michal Kadák    —       —    Featured Article

Marketplace, GitHub, NuGet, Ideas, all those channels have one simple goal. Reach out and shape the community around Kentico. We are very aware of how beneficial the community is for us. Even though it's not always on public display, we are doing our best to listen and give back. The last version and frankly the entire year makes no difference.

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The Best Campaigns Ever!

Martin Michalik    —       —    Article

Last year, we introduced a redesigned Integrated Campaign Management and promised you that's just the beginning of the usability improvements. We kept our promise and Kentico 10 is coming with extended tracking and reporting capabilities in the Campaign Management.

Render Online Forms with ASP.NET MVC Display Templates and The Code Generator—Part 2

Jan Lenoch    —       —    Article

The first part of this article demonstrated how Kentico Online Forms were included in the Dancing Goat ASP.NET MVC 5 sample site. This second part of the article shows how to automate the implementation of Kentico Online Forms (and eventually other FormEngine data) in MVC sites. The article will also tell you how to create a new Online Form in Kentico from scratch and how to include it in an MVC site.

Building an MVC site with Kentico Cloud – Part 1

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

Kentico Cloud is a new headless CMS platform that you can use to build your applications. By leveraging an Azure-hosted content repository and APIs, you are free to develop nearly any application you want and populate it with your managed content in Kentico Draft. In this blog series, I’ll show you how I migrated my own site to MVC and Azure, while leveraging Kentico Cloud for my content and activity tracking.

Choose Wisely: Campaign Emails Aren’t Newsletters

Martin Michalik    —       —    Article

Preparing a successful email campaign isn’t an easy task and the last thing you want is to waste time on defining the target audience of your marketing emails. Therefore, Kentico 10 is coming with an improved experience for managing your email marketing audience and a new email marketing communication type.

Claims-based authentication: Finishing Configuration of Virtual Machine and Setting up Kentico

Roman Koníček    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

In the first part of the series we prepared a virtualized environment and started to configure some  services that are necessary for AD FS service. In the second part, we will finish the configuration of the virtual machine and we will configure Kentico to use claims-based authentication. So let’s get started.

Claims-based authentication: Preparing Virtual Environment and Initial Configuration

Roman Koníček    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Hi, my name is Roman Konicek and I would like to welcome you to my knowledge base article series on claims-based authentication. Let me give you a bit of an overview of some of the things we are going to cover in this series. I want to start by briefly talking about how to prepare a virtual environment. The second thing I would like to focus on is how to configure your environment to use claims-based authentication—in this specific case we are going to use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). Next, I want to discuss how to configure your Kentico application to use the claims-based authentication. In the last part, we are going to look at the most common issues when you are using claims-based authentication in Kentico.  So let’s go and have a look at all of that.

Kentico 10 Is Here

Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Featured Article

The end of year 2016 marks the next chapter in Kentico’s history. Just a couple of weeks ago at our annual Kentico 404 conference, we announced our brand new Kentico Cloud offering—a cloud-first headless CMS and customer engagement platform. We are very proud and excited about what is ahead for Kentico and the new Kentico Cloud. But, there is another important product release scheduled for this month—Kentico 10 is out! An expansion of MVC and Continuous Integration represents just the tip of the iceberg. Let me tell you what it’s all about.