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Kentico Time Capsule

Iva Konecna    —       —    Featured Article

What does the future hold, where will life take you, who will be famous, how many technologies will last the test of time? Does anybody really know what lies ahead? The only thing for sure is that, through genetics, the future will be influenced by the present.

New Czech distribution entity

Pavlína Mahovská    —       —    Featured Article

Kentico’s new Czech distribution entity for sales purposes will begin operations today, July 01, 2015, for purchases originating from Kentico’s Czech Republic office.

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Reach Out and Touch Someone

Lukas Mehnert    —       —    Article

The sheer volume of content that reaches the average consumer on a daily basis continues to increase at an exponential rate. Bombarded with message after message, the consumer becomes desensitized, and the marketer’s efforts are lost. However, consumers trust information from other humans. This is where Human to Human marketing comes in.

Deploying Kentico to Microsoft Azure – Know your web hosting options

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

Deploying Kentico to Microsoft Azure can have a significant impact on the capabilities and reach of your application. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution, is a vast, world-wide network of systems providing instant resources around the globe. Since its initial release, Azure has constantly been improved and updated to provide more options and functionality for businesses to leverage. In this article, I will cover the different hosting options for your Kentico site and providing guidance on when to use them. In a follow-up blog I will cover data, session, and storage options, so keep an eye out of that in a few weeks. Now let’s get to good stuff!

Removing unavailable Variant Product options from the ShoppingCartItemSelector

Josef Dvorak    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

When using Variants defined using just one Product option class Kentico removes the unavailable Product options from the list of available Product options. However when using multiple Product option classes to define Variants the unavailable options are left in the list, to indicate that other combinations may be available for purchase.

Brno is a Centre of Excellence. And Kentico Proves it.

Iva Konecna    —       —    Featured Article

Welcome to Brno - the city that blends a rich history with modern innovation. Situated in the heart of Europe, Brno is a hub of universities, businesses, and technology that puts it in a league of its own as a Centre of Excellence.

Top 10 Kentico Websites for May 2015

Pavlína Mahovská    —       —    Article

It’s always great to see the fantastic work being done by our partners, and even better to see the awards they are winning. It gives us plenty of inspiration and motivation to continue doing our jobs. We are sure that this month’s Top 10 will also be a great inspiration for all of you. Fingers crossed that there are more award winners among them.

Reducing Intranet Functionality

Dominik Pinter    —       —    Article

Hi all, this is another quick addition to the series started by Radek Matej called Fighting Featuritis. As part of this initiative, we have decided to reduce a little of the functionality of our Intranet. We want to explain to you all what we are removing in Kentico 9, what the reasons are, and what support we will offer you in case you use any of the removed functionality.

Adding a TeamUp Form Control to Kentico

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

Many companies utilize SaaS applications for managing parts of their business. Calendar and scheduling products like TeamUp are great for administrating your corporate events and keeping everyone and everything on schedule.  Here at Kentico, we use TeamUp for a number of internal processes, including managing our blog release schedule. In this blog, I will show you how you can create a form control to integrate with TeamUp to sync your events to a specific calendar.