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Fighting Featuritis

Radek Matej    —       —    Featured Article

As a product grows, most of the outcome lies in the ability to solve even more of the customers’ problems. There’s a dark side to this approach, though.

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Quick Tip: Adding Kentico Icons to your Module Links

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

Making UI elements is one of the most common tasks when making a new module. When you are creating your links you want to have them appear similar to the rest of platform and use those cool little icons, right? Did you know there is a page within the Kentico documentation that shows all of these icons? 

Free Web Part for Kentico - Related Blog Posts by Tag

Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

Do you want to know what my favorite web part of all time, in the entire galaxy, across any version of Kentico is? The title of this blog post may have given it away to the astute Kentico developer, but you might be surprised at how one of the oldest and simplest of web parts is still super useful to this day. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, the champion of all Kentico web parts is...

New Kentico video Testimonials

Katerina Pelanova    —       —    Video Article

Maybe you remember our call trying to find film stars for the new Kentico testimonials. Some of you took the challenge and got involved. Well, good news, the new Kentico video testimonials are live! Special thanks to all who participated and became our Kentico stars. And now, no more talking, start watching!

Infographic - How to contact Kentico Support

Ilesh Mistry    —       —    Article

Have you ever wondering how you should be really contacting Kentico Support?
Have a look at this Infographic explaining the steps you need to take to help you get a great response.

Ensure Your Kentico EMS Site Is Running At Peak Performance

Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

If you are a long time user of Kentico or a Kentico developer who maintains sites that utilize Kentico EMS, this tip is for you. So stop what you are doing, go grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and continue reading to see how you can keep your online marketing solution running in top notch form. I should also mention that you won't need to change a single line of code to do so. Yes that's right, not a single line.

I am going to start with a question though. Have you ever heard the saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? If you have, then this post should make a ton of sense. If you have not, then maybe I can teach you something today.