YouTube API Web Part

by Solsoft
YouTube API Web Part preview




Works with:

Web site


Connects to the YouTube API based on properties you give to display certain results on your web page.


Import the package to your site.

Select the page you wish to add the webpart.
Click the cog to configure its properties.

FeedType - this is to choose the type of feed to pull from YouTube (User, Category or Serach). Then enter matching properties below.

USER - will search for a specified user's uploaded videos. Make sure you enter a UserName to search for below.

CATEGORY - will search for video's matching the specified criteria (properties) that you set for Country, Category, Category Type.

SEARCH - will display a textbox and button to search for videos. Will search for the entered text. The property Max Results must be a number between 1 and 50. Any higher will not work. The property Start Index states which result to start indexing from. The index to start from must be lower than result number 1000.

You can configure the CSS and layout in the appropriate tabs.



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