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by Helena Grulichov√° (Kentico)
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Web site


This web part allows you to share the content of Editable text web part on more than one page and allows editing from any occurrence.


The web part displays an editable text region that can be used by content editors in CMS Desk -> Content -> Edit -> Page to enter page content using the WYSIWYG editor. The content can be shared and edited on different pages if they use the same web part ID and selected culture.

Documentation is included in the package.

Please note:  This web part will not work correctly, if you use workflows (incl. versioning without workflow).


Vlado commented on

Correct: this works only with version 6. Kentico changed some methods and it fails with version 7. I have a new working version but it has not been fully tested.

tj-norex commented on

I see kentico fairy is having the same issue I am on a client site who just migrated from 6 to 7. I see the compatibility only says to version 6. So is there a version 7 implementation or is there something I can do to have this work in version 7 or are the frameworks just too different?


Aon_Vlado commented on

kentico fairy: are you using Kentico version 6 or version 7?

kentico fairy commented on

I am getting this error while using the webpart. Any ideas?
error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'PageInfo' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

kentico_helenag commented on


Versioning without workflow is a part of workflows and as I mentioned, the workflow is not supported for this web part. Thus I do not recommend to use versioning and this web part together. In fact, it saves the shared content to the published versions of root document. So for example if you roll back the version of root, it will also roll back the shared content on all documents. If you check out and edit the root, then another document and its shared content, then publish the document, and then check in and publish the root, it can wipe the changes of shared content out. If you need any details how it works (you can re-write it as you need), please write me an e-mail (the address is mentioned in the Instructions).

Best regards,
Helena Grulichova

FroggEye commented on

Love the concept Helena! Using 6.45 (R2) and having problems where the text gets wiped out. All my documents (10 of them) have the webpart with the same ID and culture and using versioning without workflow and every now and then it will wipe the text out when I save the page.

Aon_Vlado commented on

I love it. This should be part of Kentico out of the box package

epogburn-nola commented on

Fantastic! Just what I needed!