Multi-Page Bizforms

by Rendle Williams (Revium)
Multi-Page Bizforms preview


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Works with:

Web site


Enables the additional functionality - Save and Return to Forms entry, Pagination, Review page, Compare Text box entry, conditional mandatory box, HTML text area, Display field trigger, additional email option.


Multi-part Solution:  Used the BizForms function of Kentico, but extended the function to allow the following functionality.

Save and return – user can save their progress in the form and leave the page with an email with custom URL sent to them that they can then use to resume completing the form at a later date.

Pagination – the ability to add markers in BizForms to split the form across multiple pages with back and next buttons.

A Review page – so that prior to submitting the form the user can review all responses that they have provided.

A 'compare textbox' entry feature – so that you can specify fields that must match.

A' conditionally mandatory' field so that dependant on the information submitted for another field the field becomes mandatory.

HTML text area – so that a section of html text can be inserted anywhere in the form.

Display field trigger – displays a field dependant on the selection made in another section of the form.

Send to additional email - by default, Kentico sends emails out two email addresses, one to the email address specified in the form notification area, and one to the site administrator. This field is used when sending the confirmation emails to additional email addresses.

Technical Approach
- Revium needed to create the custom content types.
- The core BizForms code is not touched
- It is a complete pluggable item.
- It is available for the content editor to use within CMSDesk.

For more information contact Revium, Melbourne Australia  +61 3 9429 2000