Javascript Enhanced

by Kevin McCaffrey
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Web site


Allows you to position Javascript in 4 most common locations on a page. Just after the open Head tag. Just before the close Head tag. Just after the open Body tag. Just before the close Body tag.


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jkane-ecentricarts commented on

In a quest for a working 6.0 version, I upgraded the internal version #s from 5.5 to 6.0. It's working for me on v6.0.28.

I originally imported the 5.5 component to 6.0 and the compatibility file ~\App_Code\Global\CMS\Compatibility55.cs was generated into the website - this generated file had compile errors and caused the component not to work. I delete that file and the component worked. So then I upgraded the internal version #s and now the compatibility file is no longer generated when the package is imported.