Inheritable Editable Text

by Interesting Pty Ltd
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Works with:
4.1, 5.0, 5.5, 5.5R2

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This web part enhances content inheritance in Kentico and resolves cross browser white space issues that can break inheritance. This web part gives the developers the option to ignore white space.


Projects often require an editable region that can inherit text from a parent page while still allowing the inherited content to be overwritten. Although similar functionality exists in the Kentico editable textarea, the region, depending on the end users browser, can end up with varying whitespace characters which stops the inheritance. To resolve this Interesting has created an inheritable region that takes into account these white space characters (i.e. non breaking spaces and line breaks) and maintains the content inheritance.

Use this web part as you would an editable region. If any content is entered, parent content will not be inherited. If no content is entered, the web part will search the parent pages for the region with the same ID. Any content contained in the parent item will be inherited. If the region in the parent is empty it will continue searching up through the tree until content is found.

This web part can be used multiple times on a page, inheritance is based on the ID given to the control. It can be used in ASPX and portal mode. The 'InheritContent' property of the web part must be set to true to allow inheritance.


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