FaceBook Interaction Fan Gate

by Mirko "ZeroG" Melone (eLogic)
FaceBook Interaction Fan Gate preview




Works with:
4.1, 5.0, 5.5, 5.5R2, 6.0


With this web part, you can manage your Facebook tab and its content differentiated according of the "Like" on your Facebook page.


With this web part, you can display a different content to user who "Like" your page and to user who don't "Like" it yet on a special tab of your Facebook page. To do this, you just need to have a Facebook Apps Page Tab connected to your Facebook page and a page in Kentico CMS incorporating this web part.

You can choose between three modes of web part:
  • Editable Content Mode - on the Kentico Page tab three editable box (for these three states: Like, Not Like and Out of the FB) will be displayed
  • WebPart Mode - the web part will display other web parts included in the current page by the WebPart IDs, based on the FB-Page "Like"
  • Redirect Mode - the web part will perform a redirect based on the FB-Page "Like"
Note: On 6.0 version, hotfix 6.0.5 is necessary.


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