Aspose .NET Word Processing and PDF Document Exporter for Kentico

by Zaheer Tariq
Aspose .NET Word Processing and PDF Document Exporter for Kentico preview




The MIT License (MIT)
Works with:

Web site


Aspose .NET Word Processing and PDF Document Exporter for Kentico allow users to export online content into Word Processing or PDF document using Aspose.Words.


Installing the Aspose .NET Word Processing and PDF Document Exporter for Kentico Web Part
1.    Open Sites application and click Import site or objects
2.    Click Upload Package and select the downloaded zip file
3.    Click Next twice and then Click Finish

Due to limitations of Kentico Export and Import process, the dll files cannot automatically be copied to bin folder and therefore you will manually need to
1.    Extract the downloaded zip file.
2.    Copy Aspose.Words.dll to the bin folder of your Kentico website.

License details:



Charles commented on

You should clearly indicate in the description about the plug in and that if anyone wants to use your web part, if they do not have an Aspose license or subscription that there will be a cost.

Zaheer Tariq commented on

Hi Charles,

Sorry for not being able to reply sooner. I don't seem to get an email alert of your message which delayed the response.

We are investigating the issue with using this web part on Master and will let you know our findings. Yes the initial version of the web part converts the page as a whole, however we have planned to allow users to select area before exporting in the next version.

The web part itself is free and open source however it uses Aspose.Words for .NET in the back-end to generate the exported document which is a commercial product, evaluation versions with time restricted limitations are available for use with this plug-in. Terms and conditions apply.

Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions.

Have a nice day

Best Regards,


Charles commented on

Are you planning on answering my question about the licensing (evaluation) and other issues ?

Charles commented on

I had the web part on my master page, which throws the error. When I put the webpart on any other page it works. I have two more observations. It does the whole page to pdf or word including the Master and if you have complex navigation then the output is not great. Just printing out the page (child)and not the Master or have the option to do either or would be great. The second thing is that at the top of the output it indicates "Evaluation Only". I did not see mention of this above and per the MIT licensing I am not sure that follows. If you are just putting up an "Evaluation" then that should be indicated and also the cost of the actual web part if there is indeed such.

Zaheer Tariq commented on

Hi Charles,

Thank you for the suggestion, we will surely add this feature in the next release.

Regarding the error can you please tell me the URL on which you have installed this web part? It may or may not be accessible publicly but since the web part dynamically requests current page data therefore I need the URL to track down the issue.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Charles commented on

It would be great if you exposed the property in the web part properties to assign a class to the buttons, that way the look and feel of the buttons could be changed easily.

Charles commented on

I like the demo video I saw, but there appears to be an issue with the web part on a live production site.

Exception Details: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

Source Error:

Line 97: protected void PdfExportButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Line 98: {
Line 99: string html = new WebClient().DownloadString(CurrentPageURL);
Line 100:
Line 101: // To make the relative image paths work, base URL must be included in head section

Source File: c:\HostingSpaces\hangoutv\\CMS\CMSWebParts\Aspose\AsposeContentExport\AsposeContentExport.ascx.cs Line: 99