Alerts Web Part

by Mauro Della Chiesa (Development Heroes)
Alerts Web Part preview




Works with:

Web site


This web part allows you to put different notifications and alerts that are important to the end users on your site.


There are many uses for this web part, such as schools alerting students about closings, hospitals alerting staff of emergencies, or bringing attention to an important issue on your external site or intranet.

Allows configurable statuses and colors to denote importance of alert.
Uses NOTY for notification functionality which adds extensibility and customizations.

For installation instruction, please see this readme file.


Daniela Kubikova commented on

Hi Kim, I tested the web part with the latest jQuery version and it's working properly. All jQuery versions can be found here:
What exactly isn't working on your instance? Have you read the readme.txt file and followed all instructions? There is one important information in the "Notes" part - it is necessary to assign the Alert web part container to your site and then set this container in the web part properties.

Kim.Driggers-claytoncountyga commented on

The prerequisites state JQuery 2.1.3. Is that a typo? I can't get this to work on my end?

andres.m-developmentheroes commented on

Great plugin! Easy to use.... Thanks!