Kentico CMS Templates for Visual Studio

by Dalibor Pernica (Kentico)
Kentico CMS Templates for Visual Studio preview




Works with:
5.0, 5.5, 5.5R2, 6.0, 7.0

Web site


Code templates for Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012.


These code templates allow you to easily create:
  • Web parts
  • ASPX page templates
  • ASPX master pages
  • User controls
  • Filter controls
  • Form controls
Right-click the folder where you want to create a new web part and choose Add -> New item…

In order to use these templates, you need to close Visual Studio and install the exe file on your machine.


Troll commented on


Madar commented on

i use visual studio 2010 ,when i add new item and then select CMSMASTERPage.Master display these error:
unknown server tag'cms:CMSPageManager'.
plz help me.

Bryan commented on

Is Kentico 8 supported?

oohoangthienoo-gmail commented on

before mixing the old version, then I can check the "select master page" I do not understand why in this version I do not check the "select master page"

kentico_ondrejv commented on

nice one

DanielaK commented on

Hi Brenden,
yes, you were right, the old version did not work with Visual Web Developer. It took some time, but finally we prepared a new version for Visual Studio 2012 which works also with Visual Web Developer. You can download and try it now.

nqwebdev1 commented on

nevermind it's working ok now

nqwebdev1 commented on

This still doesn't work with Visual Studio 2010 Express. I can't find any files

Brenden commented on

Installed with Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and templates don't show when I go to add a new item. Worked great with VS2008 and VS2010 but not VWD.

lu2 commented on

It works fine in VS 2010, Thanks

Aon_Vlado commented on

Forgot to give it stars :-)

Aon_Vlado commented on

The new version of VS Templates work just fine with Visual Studio 2010. Thank you, Kentico.

John Bubriski commented on

Yeah nothing happens when installing this on a machine that doesn't actually have 2005 or 2008. The folders are empty, I can't find the templates anywhere. I'm guessing they would work with 2010 if we could find them... Anyone try copying them over from the 2008 directory?

francis.harvey-irisco commented on

seem not working with vs2010

Gais commented on

Any news on these working with VS2010? Tried to install, but no templates appear.

vlatso-synqsolutions commented on

Would these work with VS2010?

kentico_daliborp commented on

These templates should work under 5.x. In case of trouble put your comments here.

pbs-dativa commented on

I would also like to know, if these templates will work in 5.x?

Jens commented on

Do the code templates also work with 5.x?


random0xff commented on

Kentico, please please do some more research before programming. You shouldn't just copy to {user my docs folder}\Visual Studio 2008... you have to check the registry keys to see what the template folder is, because this can be changed by users.

I have it somewhere completely different. Main rule, never hardcode some path that can be changed. But this should be required knowledge for installers.


do.zapiain-gmail commented on

the project find names space CMS.UIControls;

kentico_daliborp commented on

Package contains following files (templates):,,,,,,

Each template is in 4 different versions - for VS2005 (VB, C#) and VS2008 (VB, C#).

Templates are stored (according to selected options in installation wizard) in these folders:

VS 2005 (for current user only)
{user my docs folder}\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual Basic\
{user my docs folder}\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#\

VS2008 (for current user only)
{user my docs folder}\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual Basic\
{user my docs folder}\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#\

VS 2005 (all users)
{program files folder}\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\ItemTemplates\VisualBasic\1033
{program files folder}\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\ItemTemplates\CSharp\1033

VS 2008 (all users)
{program files folder}\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\ItemTemplates\VisualBasic\1033
{program files folder}\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\ItemTemplates\CSharp\1033

Make sure templates are in correct paths and try to run manually:

VS 2005:
{program files folder}\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe /InstallVSTemplates

VS 2008:
{program files folder}\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe /InstallVSTemplates

Start Visual Studio and try File -> New... commented on

The installed directories are empty. Could not find any control in File -> New ... .

eyesea69-gmail commented on

This is great. Potential for real time savings.

ericw-kentico commented on

This will be helpful for a number of partners and clients.

Elijah commented on

Forgot the rating... ;-)

Elijah commented on

Just what I wanted! Thanks a lot :)